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Current episode:

Marco From Another Dimension

Notable subplots:

The Court Case of Ronald Wayne Devers (3 posts, Mr. Devers answers comments in middle post))

The Romance of Plucky and Deadpan (2 posts, Plucky directs comments in second post)

Dans Cartoons Saves the Day (1 post)

GoFundMe Buys Us a Force Field (1 post)

Previous episodes in order:

Introduction to All of Us and the Beacons of Night (10 posts)

The Beacons Invade, and We Repel Them (21 posts)

First Contact: How We Met Earthlings (flashback) (13 posts)

Writer in Jail; We Learn How to Write the Comics (18 posts)

Earthling Gamers Invade, then Go Home  (16 posts)

We Welcome Cruise Ships Until Coronavirus (11 posts)

Ronald Wayne Devers Stranded Here by Beacons and We Prosecute (13 posts)

Coy Meets Susan (13 posts)

Wedding of Coy and Susan (10 posts)