Specks in the Water

Plucky picked up an unusual radar signal which she at first mistook for whales. I brought a telescope to the beach and was eventually able to make out what appeared to be specks in the water. As they drew closer, I realized that the specks were actually rubber rafts, each carrying a young Earthling gamer. I ran and told Plucky; then I texted the king. When I told Deadpan that someday I would like to travel beyond the horizon, he said that’s out of sight.

Let’s Play Primate

Lmao has learned a new word. Justin followed Lmao to the other side of the island and Lmao showed him how to climb a coconut tree. When Justin’s phone awarded him a level, he pumped his fist and declared ‘ka-ching”. Now whenever a coconut hits the ground, Lmao pumps a fist and laughs: “ka-ching ka-ching”. When Lmao heard they were looking for actors for a jungle movie, he said: “Well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.”

Something Isn’t Quite Right

Plucky and I met in her control room and did some research; we were unable to find any information for the computer game Alien Search. Yet somehow Justin has made his way to our island and appears to be quite comfortable among us. Of particular note is that he and Deadpan are hitting it off so well; looking at them you would think they were long time friends. Deadpan once used a time machine that didn’t have any shock absorbers; he says it was a throwback to another era.

The Couch is Over Here

Our landlord the king spoke to his contacts on the island of Saipan. Apparently the boy Justin hired a fishing boat in Saipan to carry him and his raft to near our shore. The king said he would arrange for one of his ships to pick Justin up but that it would be a few days. So it looks as if we’ll be tweensitting for a while. When I told Justin he would be staying on the couch in my spaceship, he looked at his phone, pumped his fist, and declared: “ka-ching ka-ching ka-ching”. I asked Lmao if he ever gave a pacifier to a baby, and Lmao replied: “yes, for crying out loud”.

We’re the Latest Fad

Deadpan and I brought the boy Justin and his raft to the lagoon beach near my ship and set up some chairs. Then I sent an email to the king and awaited his response. From Justin’s account, his arrival at our island credits him with a level in a computer game called Alien Search that he plays on his phone using satellite internet. The yard outside my ship is yet another level: when we arrived at my yard, he looked at his phone and declared, “ka-ching ka-ching”. I asked Deadpan if there was any way to fix my gyroscope; he said he would level with me.

The Boy in the Raft

The boy who washed ashore in a rubber raft says his name is Justin. Plucky helped him from the raft, led him to a cabana, and ran to get me. When Plucky and I arrived he was looking at his phone, talking with Deadpan and drinking from a juice box that Plucky had given him. He says he’s a computer gamer. I asked Lmao if he believes in the sea monster; he says he wrestles with it.

You Won’t Believe This

I awoke this morning to the sound of a frantic pounding at my door; it was Plucky. “Come down to the beach at once,” she urged. “A rubber raft came ashore last night.” She paused, looking for words. “And there was a human aboard. A boy.” I put on my shoes and we headed for the beach. I asked Lmao how his fishing trip went; he said he threw back a few.