Plucky to Leave the Island

None of us has ever left Alien Resort island, unless you count going swimming. Under the terms of the deal between the king’s lawyers and the mainland government, Plucky will meet with investigators in front of a hearings judge in Saipan, the capital of the Northern Mariana islands. Plucky says that although she’s anxious, she has faced greater dangers in outer space, and has confidence in the lawyers who promise to provide for her safe return. Lmao once swam in an aquarium; he says he was about to flip out.

Lawyers Announce a Deal

Plucky’s lawyers report that they have reached a deal with government investigators. Plucky will be required to tell government investigators everything she knows about the lights in the sky reported by military pilots. If her information is helpful to the investigation, then all the charges will be dropped. The Beacons of Night are crying foul.  A bug spoiled Deadpan’s painting job but he says that was just a drop in the bucket.

We Have Overnight Guests

Plucky’s lawyers have been staying on the island for two days now, and we don’t see much of them. They’ve interviewed Plucky several times in the conference room of her ship, each time returning to their quarters in my ship. Deadpan knows a lot about word processors; he says he’s written books on them.

Lawyers Headed for Alien Resort

Up until now the only Earthlings who have visited Alien Resort island are the king’s sailors delivering supplies. Now we’re about to receive a contingent of lawyers sent by the king to represent Plucky in the mainland’s request for extradition. The lawyers will be Alien Resort’s first overnight guests, and they’ll be staying in my ship over near the lagoon. I asked Lmao if I could couch-surf at his place; he said be my guest.

International Incident

Officials on the mainland have declared an international incident over the king’s refusal to honor the request for Plucky’s extradition. “We have sent our cruise ships to his islands for years,” one of them whined during a newscast. “Our citizens have purchased every kind of jewelry imaginable from his shops. I personally have a parrot bobblehead somewhere out in the garage.” Deadpan has a project that he works on day after day; he says success doesn’t happen overnight.

The King Goes Rogue

Here is today’s newscast: ”Mainland officials say they’re shocked by a reply they received to their request for the extradition of a criminal suspect. The king of a tiny Pacific archipelago has told the officials that a surrender of the alien Plucky of Alien Resort is an event that will never occur in his lifetime. The officials’ stunned response was ‘We thought the king was one of us’.” When Deadpan witnessed a birth, he said it was a once in a lifetime.

Order of Extradition

Our landlord the king skyped us today with more unsettling news: Officials from the mainland flew to his capital city and delivered orders of extradition commanding him to turn Plucky over to their authorities. He assured us that he would do everything in his power to prevent this from happening. Lmao’s rulers once wanted him to use Roman numerals; he told them not on his watch.