We’re Having a Cookout

A speedboat carrying four young men and displaying an Earthlings Unite flag ran out of gas just outside the zone of the force field. The men were armed with slingshots and a fireworks cannon. A ship belonging to the king who owns Alien Resort island pulled up alongside. The men in the speedboat asked the sailors if their ship had a buffet. The sailors gave the men gas and cheese puffs and told them not to come back. Lmao can’t wait to eat his hamburger; he says it’s dead meat.

Deploy the Radar

Plucky built a radar station at Alien Resort during Earth’s twentieth century. We weren’t in danger at the time but atmospheric sampling alerted her to advances in Earth technology that could someday pose a threat. Recent events have called for extensive testing of the radar system. When Plucky was trying to figure out how to calibrate the radar signal, Lmao told her she could bounce it off him.

Stealth Technology

The Beacons of Night announced that the navy they are using to approach and attack Alien Resort island is employing stealth technology. This explains why we haven’t been able to spot them on radar. The problem we have is that our force field cannot be continuously deployed; we must wait for the enemy to draw near before turning it on. Deadpan says he has a cat who waits for him with bells on.

Engineering Success

Our plea for advice on how to build a force field has paid off. Engineers have responded from all over the planet Earth. The eleven dollars we collected in our GoFundMe campaign was just enough (with a coupon) to buy the parts for a force field fifty percent nuclear fusion and fifty percent quantum entanglement. If the Beacons of Night attempt to invade Alien Resort, they will be obliterated. The engineers want us to help them move an atom; Deadpan said it was the least he could do.

image of newspaper clipping

Alien Resort Under Siege

The above clipping is from the April 25, 2019 Mountain Ear newspaper (Nederland, Colorado). Following is the complete text (byline Edmund Itor):

If I could do it all over again, I would never become a newspaper editor.

Everything started a few months ago when I got an email from a guy who writes comics. Mr. Davis asked if I would like to publish his comics in the paper. I told him no, there isn’t any space. And there isn’t, because we have a lot of advertisers, and advertisements are what pay our bills.

But he kept pestering me, and his comics are funny, so I told him I would run one a week on a trial basis.

The comics are called Alien Resort. According to Mr. Davis, there really is a place across the sea called Alien Resort. Mr. Davis says he writes the scripts for the comics and sends them over the internet to the resort. There the comics are rehearsed and assembled by a team whose members arrived here from other planets and are now stranded on Earth.

Coy, the founder of Alien Resort, crash landed on Earth after a five-hundred-year interstellar flight. Plucky, a bossy spaceship captain and her sidekick, a comedian named Lmao, broke down while trying to rescue Coy. Deadpan, another funny guy, arrived later.

It turns out the resort is in a bit of turmoil. The radical organization Beacons of Night is claiming that since the extraterrestrials aren’t from Earth, they don’t have the right to work here, and therefore must stop making comics.

The island upon which the resort is situated is part of a kingdom, and the king has given his blessing for the four to live at the resort and make comics.

Since the situation at Alien Resort is currently in a stalemate, the Beacons of Night have begun other strategies to persuade its occupants to stop making comics.

The Beacons compiled a list of all the newspapers that are publishing Alien Resort comics and sent letters to the editors warning them not to publish any more comics.

I received such a letter about a month ago and tossed it in the trash. Last night somebody painted graffiti on our building with the Beacons’ slogan “Earthlings Unite”.

This is an example of what it’s like to be an editor. No matter what you do, somebody isn’t going to be happy.

One of the reporters asked me if I’m going to run an Alien Resort comic tomorrow. I told him no I’m not going to run a comic. I’m going to run two of them.

The developing story of Alien Resort continues on the Alien Resort website at https://alienresort.net.

Defend the Kingdom

The king who owns the island where Alien Resort is situated has offered to assist us in any way possible. If the Beacons of Night enter his territorial waters, he’ll regard it as an act of war. He has a small navy and they practice every Tuesday. Lmao once tried to invent a curved gun but gave up; he says he could shoot himself.

Notes from Coy

Plucky told me that she and Lmao have been friends for over two thousand years. Yesterday Lmao asked Deadpan if he thought Plucky was attractive. Deadpan replied that he knew Plucky had been making some electromagnets. Last evening I saw Deadpan and Plucky walking along the pier. I had never seen them together on the pier at sunset so I figured they were looking for something.

Second Intermission

Second Intermission: Notes from Mr. Davis

Hello, I’m David Davis, the writer for Alien Resort comics. I want to thank Coy for narrating the posts and helping answer comments, and also a thank you to Captain Plucky–she’s the resort expert on drones, force fields, and everything else technical.

Coy says our readers want to know more about “Mr. Davis”. Well, normally, most of my time is spent writing Alien Resort comics and communicating with newspaper editors. Lately I’ve been working with Coy and Plucky keeping readers up to date on the plan by the Beacons of Night to launch a seaborne invasion of Alien Resort.

The rest of my time is spent making animated videos. A short video I completed recently is going to screen at a film festival later this year.

Other than that, I try to manage two cats that jump in and out of my lap all day long. There isn’t much you can do about it except pet them until they get bored and finally jump down. Then it’s back to work. Deadpan has a robot that likes to cuddle cats; he says it has a soft spot for them.

Up at the Break of Dawn

We would rather be travelling through outer space but we like making comics too. When we make comics, we’re not just your everyday extraterrestrials stranded on a remote Earth island. Instead, we become four outliers of Earth society who come into your home by way of the local paper and (hopefully) make you laugh. Deadpan once built a hovercraft; he says it kept him off the street.

We Need Engineering Advice

Alien Resort needs a force field badly. Our GoFundMe campaign is about to enter its third week. The problem is more complex than we thought. How do you build a force field around a Pacific island sufficient to protect it from invasion by a small navy? Please use the comments section or the Alien Resort website contact form to convey your ideas. I asked Lmao how many arithmetic classes he attended; he said he could count them on one hand.

Reverse Psychology

We’re trying to see this from the Beacons’ point of view. According to them, when we make comics for newspapers, we’re stealing jobs from Earthlings. Our writer Mr. Davis assures us that only extraterrestrials can play the roles required by Alien Resort comics. I asked Mr. Davis if an Earthling could dress up like an extraterrestrial and make Alien Resort comics. Mr. Davis said he would have to rename them Dressed Up Like Alien Resort comics. He said editors wouldn’t want them. Lmao once attended beauty school; he says if he ever goes back he’ll have to take a makeup exam.

We Could Always Go Swimming

If we had to stop making comics our lives would become boring, and I know what that’s like. When I crash landed on Earth, I spent the first hundred years building a transmitter to contact my home base. For the next hundred years, stranded on this island, I didn’t know what to do with myself; I just kept transmitting and hoped for the best. Then Plucky and Lmao arrived, also stranded, and it wasn’t long before the three of us didn’t know what to do with our time. Then, finally, Earthlings got the internet, we built our internet transceiver, Mr. Davis contacted us, and we started making comics. One day a long time ago, after we had discussed possible methods of crossing the ocean, Lmao suggested that we play bridge.


One of the editors summoned our writer to her newspaper office. The editor had heard that the Beacons were planning to invade Alien Resort because they don’t like us making comics. She said some of her readers are taking the side of the Beacons, believing that the extraterrestrials shouldn’t be allowed to make comics because they’re stealing jobs from Earthlings. She told those readers she would take their views into consideration but assured Mr. Davis that she was going to continue running Alien Resort comics, at least for the foreseeable future; Lmao says we should invent a key card; it could open a lot of doors.

Making Waves

Rumors are swirling that the Beacons of Night are going to invade Alien Resort. Apparently they know somebody who has a navy. The Beacons say they’ll reconsider if we agree to stop making comics. Deadpan remembers an enemy attacking during lunch; they ordered it to go.

A Couple of Things

The Beacons of Night claim we’re holding Earthlings hostage at Alien Resort. They’re saying their drone sent back pictures. A couple of things: first, their drone didn’t transmit any data, and second, I don’t know what we would do with an Earthling if we had one. Lmao said cloning them would be a good way to make friends.

A Big Surprise

The Beacons of Night claim that the drone we intercepted belongs to them. They say the drone relayed findings to them that are going to surprise everyone. We’re already surprised because we intercepted the drone before the radio transmitter could be activated. Lmao says at first he thought the drone was a vulture with a bone to pick.


Earthlings are proceeding along one of the Standard Paths of technological advancement. Last night Plucky spotted one of their drones in the sky near the resort, and she intercepted it. The engineering contained in the drone is charmingly quaint. Deadpan says he once caught a housefly that was on the radar screen.

News Conference

The editor of the Mountain Ear newspaper says he won’t be intimidated. He received a warning letter from the Beacons of Night about a month ago but continued to publish Alien Resort comics anyway. Now that someone has painted the Beacons’ slogan “Earthlings Unite” on his newspaper’s building, he says he plans to increase publication from one comic a week to two, maybe even three. According to Deadpan, the newspaper building maintenance crew is still on break and the editor is waiting for them to resurface.

image for Intermission

Intermission–Who is David Davis?

David Davis wears three hats. First, I write scripts for Alien Resort newspaper comics. Second, I’m the media director for the island studio known as Alien Resort.

Alien Resort has four extraterrestrial inhabitants who rehearse my scripts and assemble them into comics for newspapers. You can view newspaper tear sheets of these comics on the Hall of Fame page of this blog.

And third, I’m the author of this blog. I created the blog to tell the developing story surrounding Alien Resort, about how the Beacons of Night want Alien Resort to quit making comics because they say we’re stealing jobs from Earthlings. Out at the resort, Lmao just finished the repair of a leaky roof–he says he nailed it.

Red Tape

We told the king that the government wants us to have id cards and work permits. He made us these really nice id cards. He said that if the government wants work permits then the government will have to come and talk to him. When he asked if we were engaged in commerce, Deadpan said it sounds like he means business.

Captain Plucky

Plucky describes how she got here: Lmao and I departed our planet in response to an emergency signal from Coy stranded on Earth. There must be something about the Earth’s atmosphere because we’re grounded too. I almost hit the eject button but Lmao told me to keep my fingers crossed.

All Hands on Deck

I called a meeting and we met in the conference room of Plucky’s ship in the middle of the island. By now everyone had heard about the Beacons of Night and how they invented a story that we were hiding secret messages in our comics.

Plucky thinks the Beacons don’t like us and they’re just trying to get other Earth people to join them. Deadpan asked if they were robots and said they might have a screw loose. Lmao said the cat might know more because he stays on top of things.

The Beacons of Night

Coy: We’re hearing about a group of Earthlings that says we shouldn’t be making comics for Earth newspapers. The group is called the Beacons of Night. They’re telling everyone that our comics contain hidden messages. Our comics do no such thing. Lmao invented a safety match; he says it won’t set the world on fire.