Earthlings Tour Alien Resort

Alien Resort sample clipping

“Making comics is our job. It’s what we do.”

Coy is the patriarch of Alien Resort. In case you thought extraterrestrials were mean and out to get us, a few minutes with Coy will relieve you of that notion.

“We like to work,” he says, as he leads a group of Earthlings on a tour of Alien Resort. “Just like Plucky over there.”Alien Resort character Plucky

Plucky, engrossed in a stack of papers, barely looks up.

“Plucky and I are the set-up characters. She’s studying her lines.”

“Who writes the lines?” a tourist asks.

“His name is David Davis. He writes comics for us and then he helps us get them published in Earth newspapers.”

“I’ve seen your comics,” another tourist says. “They’re in our local paper. We thought they were a little unusual at first but now they’re like part of our family.”

“I’ve seen your comics at,” somebody says from the back.

“When you visit our website,” Coy answers, “you will land on the Comic of the Day page, featuring a free Alien Resort comic every weekday. You can then visit our Hall of Fame page, which has clippings of our comics from Earth newspapers. Then be sure to go to our developing story page and look at updates from the resort as we battle our nemesis The Beacons of Night; there’s even a button to receive the updates by email.”

“Are you going to take us to your leader?” one of the tourists asks.

“Ignore him,” the others groan in unison.

Captain Plucky

How we got here: Lmao and I departed our planet in response to an emergency signal from Coy stranded on Earth. There must be something about the Earth’s atmosphere because we’re grounded too. I almost hit the eject button but Lmao told me to keep my fingers crossed.Alien Resort character Plucky

All Hands on Deck

Coy called a meeting and we all met in the big ship stationed above the main landing pad. By now everyone had heard about the Beacons of Night and how they invented a story that we were hiding secret messages in our comics.

Plucky thinks the Beacons don’t like us and they’re just trying to get other Earth people to join them. Deadpan asked if they were robots and said they might have a screw loose. Lmao said the cat might know more because he stays on top of things.Alien Resort character Coy