Character Sheet

The pictures are how we look in the comics.

Alien Resort character Coy

Coy is the founder of Alien Resort. He crash-landed on Earth and spent the first two hundred years alone. He narrates most of the posts and responds to comments.

Alien Resort character Plucky

Plucky is a spaceship captain who got stranded on Earth while trying to rescue Coy. She is the go-to expert on drones, radar, and all else technical. She’s also the resident psychologist. She and Deadpan have a romantic “understanding”.

Alien Resort character Deadpan

Deadpan has an imagination that is strictly linear–his entire music library consists of three electronic songs. He has superior technical expertise but all of his projects are secret. He’s Plucky’s beau but his capacity for love is limited. 

Alien Resort character Lmao

Lmao is the comedian of Alien Resort and makes no effort to contain his humor. He came to Earth with Plucky and remains her best friend. He climbs trees and uses nail polish.