Character Sheet

Kathy illustrates the characters, with David as associate illustrator. Each single-panel comic strip consists of a set-up character and a comic. Plucky and Deadpan underwent appearance makeovers during 2018.

Alien Resort character Coy

Coy (set-up) is the founder of Alien Resort. He crash-landed on Earth after a five hundred year spaceflight. His tranquil manner provides a perfect set-up for the comic character’s ensuing absurdity.

Alien Resort character Plucky

Plucky (set-up) is a bossy spaceship captain who got stranded on Earth while trying to rescue Coy. She is the resort expert on drones, radar, and all else technical. She is secretly happy that Deadpan might be finally starting to notice her.

Alien Resort character Deadpan

Deadpan (comic) responds like a wise old sage, adding a layer of absurdity to his deadpan comic replies. He has an imagination that is strictly linear; for example, the only music he listens to is Kraftwerk. He likes being around Plucky but he isn’t sure why.

Alien Resort character Lmao

Lmao (comic) is the comedian of Alien Resort and makes no effort to contain his humor. He came to Earth with Plucky and remains her best friend. He uses nail polish.