Character Sheet

Kathy illustrates the characters, with David as associate illustrator. Each single-panel comic strip consists of a set-up character and a comic. Plucky and Deadpan underwent appearance makeovers during 2018.

Alien Resort character Coy

Coy (set-up) is soft-spoken and cordial. His tranquil manner provides a perfect set-up for the comic character’s ensuing absurdity.

Alien Resort character Plucky

Plucky (set-up) is outgoing and adventurous, introducing topics that Coy is too shy to broach. Rumor says she has a crush on Deadpan.

Alien Resort character Deadpan

Deadpan (comic) responds like a wise old sage, adding a layer of absurdity to his deadpan comic replies. He says there is no way Plucky has a crush on him.

Alien Resort character Lmao

Lmao (comic) is the comedian of Alien Resort and makes no effort to contain his humor. He is Plucky’s best friend.