What is the Story of Alien Resort?

comics for Earth newspapers

I’m Coy. I crash-landed my spaceship on this Pacific island hundreds of years ago. Captain Plucky and her friend Lmao became stranded trying to rescue me, and Deadpan came later. Deadpan and Lmao are comedians. 

We eventually got the internet and landed a gig helping writer David Davis make Alien Resort comics for newspapers. A group called the Beacons of Night said we were taking jobs from Earthlings and Mr. Davis is now in prison for hiring us.

We taught ourselves how to write the comics and I took over the website to tell our story. I write regular posts to keep readers up to date. This introduction will always be at the top of the Developing Story (home) page. The most recent post update immediately follows. And if I tell a joke at the end of a post, it’s not part of the story; it’s just something the comedians want me to say.

Be sure to visit the Alien Resort Museum page, which has clippings of our comics from Earth newspapers.

And if you want to catch up on the current episode or learn about previous episodes, including how I met and married Susan of Alpha Pegasi, or the birth of Princess, the daughter of Plucky and Deadpan, you can go to the Read a Single Episode page.

Alien Resort comic characters