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Hypnosis Report by Plucky

Marco agreed to allow me to hypnotize him and gave me permission to make the results public. As we suspected, he isn’t from another dimension. He remembers entering Earth astronaut training but he didn’t make the cut. He then set off sailing around the world in a catamaran. He was caught in a storm and got tossed about the deck. His next memory was that of Lmao pulling him from the water. Coy wondered how Deadpan beat him on a test; Deadpan says he took a page out of Coy’s book.

Setting the Stage

Today’s joyous event is taking place in the open-air pavilion we used for cruise excursion tours. Lmao has done a beautiful job with decorations, using floral arrangements supplied by bluejayblog. Deadpan will be Coy’s best man, Susan’s father is giving her away, and Coy will be assisted by groomsman Dan Rosandich of Dans Cartoons. I asked Deadpan if he would like to escort a bride down the aisle someday; he said he would give his right arm.

The Honor of Your Presence is Requested

Queen Ramona, the revered queen of the archipelago, is hosting a wedding reception for Coy and Susan, and everyone on Earth is invited. The reception will take place via Zoom on Wednesday, July 15 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. GMT (1:00-3:00 p.m. CDT). No password or sign-in is required; just click on this link: Zoom Reception. The reception is a costume (optional) party. Bring your favorite party food and beverage, use whatever screen name you like, and choose whether or not you want to appear on video. Lmao says that anyone who wants party favors will have to toot their own horn.

Reception Invitation–Please Share

I’m Plucky, a spaceship captain and the ranking officer at Alien Resort island. I’m proud to be a friend of both Coy, the founder of Alien Resort, and my roommate Susan, who lived with her parents in the island’s mountains for thousands of years. We hope you’ll join in their good fortune by adding your link to the wedding guest book. And  watch for details about the costume (optional) Zoom reception–everyone’s invited. I asked Deadpan if he was going to pick out a goose; he said he might take a gander.