Posted by Coy

Play to the Gallery

Captain Sage says that if our story is made into a movie, the producers will want the actors who play us to have their faces painted green. Deadpan says he wants his actor to carry a ray gun. Today we got on the subject of actors because we learned that my screenplay Alien Resort has been named an official selection of Hollywood’s Skiptown Playhouse International Film Festival. When Lmao heard about a jungle movie looking for actors, he said: “Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle.”

Alien Resort Meets Hollywood

I never dreamed that crashing my spaceship on a Pacific island would someday become the opening of a movie script. I’m proud to announce that my screenplay for the feature film Alien Resort is an official selection of the 2022 Standalone Film Festival, a Hollywood international film event. Deadpan wants to make his own movie about a spaceship; he says everyone gets to play a part.

Announcement by Coy

I’m writing this as we celebrate with a pizza party in the conference room of Sage’s spaceship. We recently learned that the feature-length screenplay I wrote about us entitled Alien Resort has been named an official selection of the SoCal Film Awards. I told Lmao that if I become famous, I’m going to start coloring my hair. He said: “Don’t forget your roots.”

The Alien Resort Museum is Ready

Captain Sage has finished renovating the Alien Resort museum and she wants you to come and take a look. Just click on the museum tab in the menu above. Captain Sage used to go by the nickname Plucky but she decided to begin using her formal name while I was writing the screenplay about us. I asked Deadpan what he knew about telegraphs, and he replied: “Everything: poles, wires, dot dot dot.”