A Big Surprise

The Beacons of Night claim that the drone we intercepted belongs to them. They say the drone relayed findings to them that are going to surprise everyone. We’re already surprised because we intercepted the drone before the radio transmitter could be activated. Lmao says at first he thought the drone was a vulture with a bone to pick.


Earthlings are proceeding along one of the Standard Paths of technological advancement. Last night Plucky spotted one of their pilotless aircraft in the sky near the resort, and she intercepted it. The engineering contained in the aircraft is charmingly quaint. Deadpan says he once caught a housefly that was on the radar screen.

News Conference

The editor of the Daily News Courier  says he won’t be intimidated. He received a warning letter from the Beacons of Night about a month ago but continued to publish Alien Resort comics anyway. Now that someone has painted the Beacons’ slogan “Earthlings Unite” on his newspaper’s building, he says he plans to increase publication from one comic a week to two, maybe even three. According to Deadpan, the newspaper building maintenance crew is still on break and the editor is waiting for them to resurface.

image for Intermission

Intermission–Who is David Davis?

David Davis wears three hats. First, I write scripts for Alien Resort newspaper comics. Second, I’m the media director for the fictional studio known as Alien Resort.

Alien Resort has four extraterrestrial inhabitants who rehearse my scripts and assemble them into comics for newspapers. You can view newspaper tear sheets of these comics on the Hall of Fame page of this blog.

And third, I’m the author of this blog. I created the blog to tell the developing story surrounding Alien Resort, about how the Beacons of Night want Alien Resort to quit making comics because they say we’re stealing jobs from Earthlings. Out at the resort, Lmao just finished the repair of a leaky roof–he says he nailed it.

Breaking News

One of our editors tells us that someone painted graffiti on the wall of his newspaper’s office with the Beacons’ slogan “Earthlings Unite”. Deadpan says they probably used so much paint because they had a case of the blues.