First Stop: Hawaii

The first stop on our writer’s journey to Alien Resort island will be the American state of Hawaii. Mr. and Mrs. Davis will be shown around by Lanning Lee, whom Mr. Davis met through the blogosphere, and who was born and raised in Honolulu. Their visit to Hawaii will include some astounding sights. Lmao once dropped his ice cream into a volcano–he totally lost it.

Writer to Visit Alien Resort

After many invitations, the writer of Alien Resort comics, David Davis, told us of his plans to visit Alien Resort island along with Mrs. Davis. No Earthling has ever spent the night here, and we are pleased to prepare for this very exciting visit. We have an underwater hotel but Deadpan thinks it’s too much of a dive.

We’re Having a Cookout

A speedboat carrying four young men and displaying an Earthlings Unite flag ran out of gas just outside the zone of the force field. The men were armed with slingshots and a fireworks cannon. A ship belonging to the king who owns Alien Resort island pulled up alongside. The men in the speedboat asked the sailors if their ship had a buffet. The sailors gave the men gas and cheese puffs and told them not to come back. Lmao can’t wait to eat his hamburger; he says it’s dead meat.

Deploy the Radar

Plucky built a radar station at Alien Resort during Earth’s twentieth century. We weren’t in danger at the time but atmospheric sampling alerted her to advances in Earth technology that could someday pose a threat. Recent events have called for extensive testing of the radar system. When Plucky was trying to figure out how to calibrate the radar signal, Lmao told her she could bounce it off him.

Stealth Technology

The Beacons of Night announced that the navy they are using to approach and attack Alien Resort island is employing stealth technology. This explains why we haven’t been able to spot them on radar. The problem we have is that our force field cannot be continuously deployed; we must wait for the enemy to draw near before turning it on. Deadpan says he has a cat who waits for him with bells on.

Engineering Success

Our plea for advice on how to build a force field has paid off. Engineers have responded from all over the planet Earth. The eleven dollars we collected in our GoFundMe campaign was just enough (with a coupon) to buy the parts for a force field fifty percent nuclear fusion and fifty percent quantum entanglement. If the Beacons of Night attempt to invade Alien Resort, they will be obliterated. The engineers want us to help them move an atom; Deadpan said it was the least he could do.