Uncharted Territory

We met today in the conference room of Plucky’s spaceship to prepare a plan for the Alien Resort island excursion. The cruise line is looking for an adventure that will resonate with its customers while we at Alien Resort need the excursion to be manageable and respectful of our privacy. The others tell me I’m a natural for the job of guide but, putting it mildly, I’m not as confident as they are. Still, the cruise line needs a plan, and we’re putting it together for better or worse. I asked Deadpan how astronauts got into space. He says they stood on the shoulders of giants.

Cruise Excursion to Alien Resort Island

The island where the king resides has a port for docking cruise ships sailing from the mainland. As with all ports of call, the cruise lines advertise various excursions to sites in the vicinity of the port. All of us realize that hosting an excursion at Alien Resort will come with drawbacks. On the other hand, as shown by the example of the gamers, insulating ourselves completely from the rest of the world isn’t going to be possible. Deadpan recommends the Antarctic cruise; he says it’s Christmas in July.

We’re in the Global Spotlight

Our landlord the king texted me stating that he wanted to talk to all of us together. We met in the conference room aboard Plucky’s spaceship and the king appeared on Skype. “The world’s beginning to take notice of Alien Resort,” he began. “The gamers brought home tales of their visit here, and everyone is curious. Unquestionably we must avoid another onslaught, so I have a proposal.” I asked Deadpan if he thought he would become a fortune teller someday. He said he doesn’t have a crystal ball.

Mystery Email

I received an email today that must have been sent to me in error. The sender was a cruise line asking about the depth of our harbor and whether we allowed the sale of alcohol. All I could think to do was forward the email to the king, since I know he receives cruise ships from time to time. Lmao once brought a bottle of liquor aboard his spaceship; he says he put a dent in it.

Ships in the Distance

About a week ago I went for a walk on the pier and noticed a ship in the distance. Other than supply ships sent by the king, we see very little marine traffic out here. But it does happen, and I didn’t think much of it until yesterday, when I spotted another ship. I told Plucky, and she deployed the radar. Deadpan decided to clean his telescope; he said it was giving him a black eye.

Our New Police Chief

Plucky, holding a small box in her hand, walked over to where Deadpan was sitting. “Prince Deadpan and I discussed this earlier,” she told the others. Deadpan stood up as Plucky continued: “As the ranking officer of Alien Resort, I’m presenting you this badge and bestowing upon you the title of police chief of this island. I‘m confident that you will rule with strength and compassion just as you did in your previous universe.” She pinned on the badge as the others applauded warmly. Somebody once asked Lmao what a policeman does and he replied, “Search me.”

One Slice of Pepperoni Left

The island was ours once again, and it was time to celebrate. Lmao helped Plucky decorate her conference room, we had pizza and ice cream, and then Plucky stood up to speak. “We’re honored to be in the presence of royalty,” she began. Turning to Deadpan, she continued: “There isn’t anything we can do that would restore you to your princely realm in your alternate universe. But here’s what I have in mind.” A moment of silence is a solemn event; Lmao says it’s nothing to sneeze at.