Author: Alien Resort

About Alien Resort

David Davis writes Alien Resort comics that are published in various newspapers. The website Alien Resort is an ongoing blog story about the four extraterrestrials who help him make the comics. One of the extraterrestrials, Coy at Alien Resort, narrates the posts and assists in answering comments.

Plucky Here

For those who don’t know me, I’m the captainess of the spaceship that’s currently grounded in the middle of Alien Resort island. I’m going to be narrating the next several posts as we develop a writing strategy for Alien Resort comics. First I want to say a word about Coy. I can’t think of anyone I would rather work with. He says he feels a deep sense of guilt that I travelled to Earth to rescue him and became stranded myself. I tell him that leaving him here never existed as an option, and anyone can become stranded. I don’t consider my current circumstances to be a plight, as I’m in the company of those whom I love the most. Lmao once hid from a rescue party because he heard they were out to get him.

Division of Labor

Plucky says she’s begun working with Deadpan and Lmao to develop a plan for writing new comics. She’ll be narrating the next several posts to report on their progress. Our landlord the king said he’ll help in any way possible; last night he sent over pizzas. And I’m learning everything I can about Photoshop because I’ve taken over Mr. Davis’ task of creating images for our blog posts (Please don’t laugh; I’ll get better). Deadpan’s working on an art project; he says it’s not a very pretty picture.

We’re Preparing a Strategy

I’m writing editors to let them know that Alien Resort intends to continue making comics and that we hope to be able to provide an uninterrupted supply. Most of the editors are understanding although a few are reluctant to work with me. One of them said he only deals with humans, and that he’ll stop publishing our comics as long as Mr. Davis remains in jail. Meanwhile, Plucky says she’ll work with Deadpan and Lmao to develop a plan for writing new comics. Humans like to look attractive; Lmao says it’s in their makeup.

They Elected Me Chairman

I just returned from the meeting at Plucky’s spaceship and I’m deeply moved. I went into the meeting convinced that the future of Alien Resort comics was resting on my shoulders. I now realize that I’m a member of a truly great team with the four of us sharing a common goal: to exert all possible efforts to emerge from this crisis. Lmao once attended massage school; he says he rubbed shoulders with some truly great masseurs.

Dusting Myself Off

As the shock from the arrest of our writer begins to recede, I’m ready to stop wringing my hands and begin figuring a way forward for Alien Resort comics. David Davis Jr. sent me a list of newspapers publishing Alien Resort and wished me luck. I’m not sure what I can say to the editors since we don’t have any new comics to send them. We’re going to have a meeting tonight in the conference room of Plucky’s spaceship. Deadpan’s lightning rod was expensive; he says nothing shocks him anymore.

What is the Story of Alien Resort?

comics for Earth newspapers

“Making comics is our job. It’s what we do.”

Coy founded Alien Resort after crash-landing his spaceship on a Pacific island many years ago.

“We like to work,” he says, as he leads a group of Earthlings on a tour of the resort. “Just like Plucky over there.”

Plucky, engrossed in a stack of papers, barely looks up.

“Plucky and I play the set-up characters; the other two are the comedians. Right now, Plucky’s studying her lines.”

“Who writes the lines?” a tourist asks.

“His name is David Davis. He writes comics for us and then he helps us get them published in Earth newspapers.”

“I’ve seen your comics,” another tourist says. “They’re in our local paper. We thought they were a little unusual at first but now they’re like part of our family.”

“I’ve seen your comics at,” somebody says from the back.

“When you visit our website,” Coy answers, “you will land on our developing story page, where you can see regular blog updates, narrated by me, about the efforts by The Beacons of Night to stop us from making comics; they say we’re stealing jobs from Earthlings.

“Also be sure to visit the Alien Resort Museum page, which has clippings of our comics from Earth newspapers.”

“Are you going to take us to your leader?” one of the tourists asks.

“Ignore him,” the others groan in unison.

Alien Resort group picture
stranded on a Pacific island that is owned by a nice king
The Beacons of Night–Earthlings Unite

Coy at 4:30 AM

My father told me I would never amount to anything. I decided to prove him wrong. At the age of eleven I ran away from home and learned how to fly a spaceship. I got a job doing research and traveled by myself across the galaxy for seventy years. I made a navigational error and crash-landed on Earth. This morning, with that mistake weighing heavily on my mind, I’m waking up to the realization that the future of Alien Resort comics is now in my hands. Lmao says that once when an entire football team was mad at him, his main concern was looking out for number one.