A Light in Plato’s Cave

I wrote the agent and told her I was working on a treatment for an Alien Resort screenplay. The possibility that my effort might fail will no longer get in my way. Plucky told me that I had been thinking like a child. I realize now that failure isn’t something to take personally. It isn’t a statement about you; it’s just a fact of life. And most importantly for me, with a fear of failure instilled by my father, it isn’t a statement that you aren’t lovable. Lmao’s almost finished cleaning his shirt; he says the rest is gravy.


  1. I was just going to say until I opened the rest of your blog post that Plucky was right. Failure is part of life. So did I miss the name of the narrator of Alien Resort? What is the character’s name? Oh, that’s right. Coy. Duh. Tell Coy. And of course the whole thing could be made up totally. Since some characters write for comic strips. Ha. It’s fascinating, but I wish I knew if some of it was true.In How to Murder Your Wife, Jack Lemon’s character, Stanley Ford, writes a comic strip about Brash Branigan who only does something the writer really does in real life. So when Brash murders his wife and Stanley’s wife disappears because she has hurt feelings, they put him on trial for murder. Anyway, I’m babbling. Great fun, your blog. Ok, I better investigate your web pages more to see if I am just being obtuse. I haven’t read it all carefully enough. Maybe this is just happening to the characters and not you. Ha. I have shingles and am on pain meds, so probably goofier than usual.

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Tell Coy.

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