It Sounded Like a Good Plan

“When I hear my father’s voice telling me I’m going to fail, I feel like I don’t deserve success.” Plucky sat down facing me. “You don’t,” she said. “We only deserve what we’ve earned. I think there’s another reason you’re trying to talk yourself out of replying to the agent. I think you’re trying to compensate for your fear of failure. Because of your father’s criticism, you think you’re going to fail. And then your reasoning is that as long as you’re going to fail, why not just undermine yourself.” Deadpan found dust mites on Mars; he says he’s still scratching his head.


  1. I love it. I wish I knew if the agent was really reading it, though, or if it’s part of the fictional device. Or it would be both, of course, if it’s true. I hope so. It’s really good, this blog. Great idea. And you’d be very good at flash fiction in general. I love the humor.

    I taught Creative Writing for a bit and have a couple literary novels published. So I know of what I speak.


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