Kids Being Kids

Susan texted me from the daycare area saying she had forgotten her tote bag. Upon arriving I observed about a dozen children playing with sand pails. Two of them, I have learned, are a twin boy and girl the same age as Princess. These are the children of the captain of the king’s cruise ship and they’re here regularly. Princess and the girl have become friends but I’m not so sure about the brother. Today I’m watching as he stands over them, looking upset. I can’t make out what he’s saying except for the last word, which he shouts as he stomps his foot: “Alien.” The parents knew it wouldn’t be easy: they saw the writing on the wall.


  1. Yes, no matter what, this seems to be the human condition and no end to it. Remedies compounding the problem…. kind of funny (and/or sad in this case, as usual), I see your dry humor always… you get a lot of that into a short paragraph. What an interesting idea for a blog. I always get a chuckle.


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