Round Two

I’ll be glad when Susan’s father finishes their roof and Susan’s mother can go back home. I like her mother, but living with both of them is tense. Today everything came to a head. The king’s ship arrived with a dress that Susan had ordered. I thought the dress looked nice: it was somewhat high-fashion but would complement Susan well. When her mother walked into the room and saw Susan holding the dress, Susan’s face fell. In an all-knowing tone her mother said, “You don’t really mean to wear that, do you?” I told Deadpan that I don’t know what anyone sees in impressionism, and he replied: “Different strokes.”


  1. My mother (who lives next door) learned long ago not to ask that, my husband while he was still alive, tried that with me- he learned very quickly, why heck yes, I’m wearing it. If you don’t like it, don’t go with me. He stopped that as well. Controlling people do not like losing control.


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