Fear of Public Speaking

As we struggle through the application for hosting a cruise excursion, a voice inside me says this is the easy part. The hard part will come when the first tourists arrive and their eyes are on me waiting to hear me speak. I’ll probably start thinking about how I negligently crashed my spaceship. Plucky says I’m creating this scenario because my father used to tell me I was going to fail. She says that negative past experiences create bad thoughts, but assures me that my speech will go just fine because I have the power of will. Lmao once had a bad camping experience; he says it was a real bear.


  1. 😀 Seems like people really didn’t know what to say about the fear of public speaking…we are all so afraid of it ourselves. I, for instance, dared to go to an extempore competition which required to speak for 3 minutes, unprepared. For 30 seconds, I spoke the same line thrice until I gave up: “My topic is…I am going to speak about…So let’s discus the topic of…” It was close to walking the plank for me.


  2. I used to work with a lot of teachers who regularly spoke in front of 30 teenagers every day, but if they had to get up on stage at graduation to speak, would be literally sick with fear. People say that fear of public speaking is only second to fear of death. Just picture your audience naked–that’s supposed to help!


  3. Fear of public speaking is not one of my problems. Getting me to shut up, Yes, but speaking? No. Maybe it’s because I am a Preacher’s Kid, or perhaps because I’ve been a teacher, but all you have to do is wind me up and point me in the right direction.


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