A Handwritten Note

This morning a courier delivered a handwritten note to our lawyers at Plucky’s hotel. The anonymous sender advised the lawyers to stay by the phone and warned them not to call the police. The sender is either unaware of the dragnet in place across the island or has watched a lot of movies that used the same note. Deadpan says he once saw some handwriting that was so bad he couldn’t find the words.


    1. Nobody commented for a few days so Coy told me to come to his ship (in the lagoon) and talk back and forth to him in the comments section. So I’m over here and Coy stepped out, and I saw your comment and Coy had said that I could answer when he was gone. Anyway, I saw some ants on the way over. They were hunting food, and as soon as they spotted some, they stepped right up to the plate.


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