Decision Announced

We just received a report from Plucky’s lead attorney and I’m posting it as it comes in to me: “The judge who presided at Plucky’s deposition has issued his findings in the case. The judge writes: ‘I have listened to the questions posed by the prosecutors about the lights in the sky and the responses given by the defendant Plucky of Alien Resort. It is my decision that all charges be dropped without delay. I find that the defendant had nothing to do with those lights, and I question why this prosecution was ever begun. I’m going to require the government to submit a report detailing the evidence supporting the indictment, and if no evidence can be cited, then I’ll issue sanctions against the office of the prosecutor. If I find that there’s been political interference supporting the prosecution, then I will further order that participating groups and individuals be promptly investigated’.” l asked Deadpan if he was going to build a polygraph; he replied: “To tell you the truth, I don’t need one.”


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