Plucky and Deadpan

This is my last post before I turn things back over to Coy. Deadpan and I had an interesting conversation yesterday. Every time I talk to Deadpan, he surprises me with his insight and depth of understanding. He told me that he’s cognitively aware of his inability to express emotion. He said he also knows that I like him, which made me blush but at the same time feel a sense of warmth that we knew each other well enough to lay our cards on the table. He then asked me why I would like him if he may never be able to reciprocate. I thought about that for a while, and then replied that my father wasn’t emotionally available. This made me gravitate toward relationships where closeness was unlikely, and in that way I couldn’t be rejected again. I asked Deadpan what would be a good way to study psychology; he said there are different schools of thought.


Tell Coy.

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