Plucky Here

For those who don’t know me, I’m the captainess of the spaceship that’s currently grounded in the middle of Alien Resort island. I’m going to be narrating the next several posts as we develop a writing strategy for Alien Resort comics. First I want to say a word about Coy. I can’t think of anyone I would rather work with. He says he feels a deep sense of guilt that I travelled to Earth to rescue him and became stranded myself. I tell him that leaving him here never existed as an option, and anyone can become stranded. I don’t consider my current circumstances to be a plight, as I’m in the company of those whom I love the most. Lmao once hid from a rescue party because he heard they were out to get him.


  1. hi plucky

    your story kinda reminds me of that tv show called LOST, where the folks get stranded on an island

    cool blog

    keep creating comics!


      1. Hello Plucky At Alien Resort,

        It sounds like it might be time for a new television, I recommend at least a 4K LED television, I still have an old CRT television though. 😀

        -John Jr


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