What is the Story of Alien Resort?

comics for Earth newspapers

“Making comics is our job. It’s what we do.”

Coy founded Alien Resort after crash-landing his spaceship on a Pacific island many years ago.

“We like to work,” he says, as he leads a group of Earthlings on a tour of the resort. “Just like Plucky over there.”

Plucky, engrossed in a stack of papers, barely looks up.

“Plucky and I are the set-up characters; the other two are the comedians. Right now, Plucky’s studying her lines.”

“Who writes the lines?” a tourist asks.

“His name is David Davis. He writes comics for us and then he helps us get them published in Earth newspapers.”

“I’ve seen your comics,” another tourist says. “They’re in our local paper. We thought they were a little unusual at first but now they’re like part of our family.”

“I’ve seen your comics at alienresort.net,” somebody says from the back.

“When you visit our website,” Coy answers, “you will land on our developing story page, where you can see regular blog updates, narrated by me, about the efforts by The Beacons of Night to stop us from making comics; they say we’re stealing jobs from Earthlings.

“Also be sure to visit the Alien Resort Museum page, which has clippings of our comics from Earth newspapers.”

“Are you going to take us to your leader?” one of the tourists asks.

“Ignore him,” the others groan in unison.

Alien Resort group picture
on a Pacific island that is owned by a nice king
The Beacons of Night–Earthlings Unite


        1. Thank you. We are newbies at posting. We adjusted our settings now. Would you please let us know if something else needs to be adjusted?

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  1. Hello David Davis,

    Have you tried reaching out to any newspapers et cetera to see if they will publish some of your work?

    I would recommend checking and updating your WordPress.com Account Settings (https://wordpress.com/me/account) and make sure that you have your Web Address set to which ever website / blog you want pick to show when someone clicks on your name when ever you comment, I noticed that website / blog is currently set when I tried to click your name, and so I had to manually visit your Gravatar / WordPress.com Profile (https://en.gravatar.com/dotilasofa) to find this blog / website.

    -John Jr

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    1. Hello John Jr. Thank you for taking the time to point out the account setting–I wasn’t aware of it and now I have fixed it.What aspect of Alien Resort should I look at for possible publication? The actual comics themselves are currently in some papers. Thanks again; this is all pretty new to me. –David

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      1. Hello David Davis,

        I did not see an option to reply directly to your comment from your post, maybe it is because of how you have your Discussion settings set or something, and so I am replying using the WordPress.com Toolbar or whatever.

        You are welcome, and thank you.

        I miss read helps as hopes in this part of this post: “He writes comics for us and then he helps us get them published in Earth newspapers.”, my fault, that is why I asked. 😀

        Congratulations on getting them published.

        Thank you for replying,
        -John Jr

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