We’re Having a Cookout

A speedboat carrying four young men and displaying an Earthlings Unite flag ran out of gas just outside the zone of the force field. The men were armed with slingshots and a fireworks cannon. A ship belonging to the king who owns Alien Resort island pulled up alongside. The men in the speedboat asked the sailors if their ship had a buffet. The sailors gave the men gas and cheese puffs and told them not to come back. Lmao can’t wait to eat his hamburger; he says it’s dead meat.


    1. At the time the speedboat arrived, the buffet was closed. The sailors said they would not have let the men board anyway because it would just encourage more speedboats. The cook had one of those huge plastic boxes of spherical cheese puffs and gave it to the sailors to give to the men in the speedboat.

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      1. Hello Coy Of Alien Resort,

        Thank you for answering that.

        I like buffets, it was nice of the cook to share some cheese puffs with them.

        -John Jr


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