Second Intermission

Second Intermission: Notes from Mr. Davis

Hello, I’m David Davis, the writer for Alien Resort comics. I want to thank Coy for narrating the posts and helping answer comments, and also a thank you to Captain Plucky–she’s the resort expert on drones, force fields, and everything else technical.

Coy says our readers want to know more about “Mr. Davis”. Well, normally, most of my time is spent writing Alien Resort comics and communicating with newspaper editors. Lately I’ve been working with Coy and Plucky keeping readers up to date on the plan by the Beacons of Night to launch a seaborne invasion of Alien Resort.

The rest of my time is spent making animated videos. A short video I completed recently is going to screen at a film festival later this year.

Other than that, I try to manage two cats that jump in and out of my lap all day long. There isn’t much you can do about it except pet them until they get bored and finally jump down. Then it’s back to work. Deadpan has a robot that likes to cuddle cats; he says it has a soft spot for them.

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