We Need Engineering Advice

Alien Resort needs a force field badly. Our GoFundMe campaign is about to enter its third week. The problem is more complex than we thought. How do you build a force field around a Pacific island sufficient to protect it from invasion by a small navy? Please use the comments section or the Alien Resort website contact form to convey your ideas. I asked Lmao how many arithmetic classes he attended; he said he could count them on one hand.


  1. Just create a force field with nuclear fusion. That will protect against the largest possible navy. Of course, it means you can’t get anything through to clobber said navy with, but they may die of simple frustration.


          1. No, this one published but not written by me. The Goddess of the Devil by Mart Sander; an extraordinary mixture of fact and speculation. A teaser can be seen on YouTube:

            Over 15.6 million views to date!

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