The Beacons of Night

Coy: We’re hearing about a group of Earthlings that says we shouldn’t be making comics for Earth newspapers. The group is called the Beacons of Night. They’re telling everyone that our comics contain hidden messages. Our comics do no such thing. Lmao invented a safety match; he says it won’t set the world on fire.


  1. Interesting concept but even though it was conceived prior to the coronavirus, it seems appropriate and most likely fits in quite well right now.


        1. At one point I realized how long the story was becoming. I then made the introductory post as concise as possible, and added the Read a Single Episode page to the menu. Hopefully, if someone has read the introductory post, an episode can be read and understood independently. Again, thank you for the feedback, because each time I receive feedback, the story becomes improved in some way. If you do read something from the Read a Single Episode page, let me know about your degree of understanding.

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          1. Will do! I’ll keep you posted. I have written a story, too, although I have noticed how to make I can make improvements for my upcoming stories. It’s called Taxi Driver. It is an interesting concept. I feel like it could have been better, but it’s still a good story, nonetheless. I am writing another story called Unimaginable Treasure, which focuses on the positive effects on decluttering. If you read any of my stories, any feedback is appreciated. 🙂


  2. I just know I am going to enjoy this blog.

    I popped over here after you commented on my blog, thanks for that, Read your intro, found the first episode on the Read a Single Episode page and I’m hooked


    1. I’m trying real hard to get readers to use the Read a Single Episode page. It’s a recent addition, and it provides a guide as the story continues to develop.


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